MindsetGB management is a consultancy firm that specializes, among others, in improving the ‘mindset’ of participants through vocational trainings & bridge the gap between the ‘industry expectation’ and ‘curriculum complete’ graduates.

One such program we have rolled-out is “Six Sigma Lean Green belt” certification program for beginners.  Six sigma is recognised as niche skill & the best specialisation method of elective Total Quality Management (TQM) of MBA course in management. MindsetGB management aims to bring Lean six sigma to grassroots level in organisations through corporate training. Also, train budding students at graduate/post-graduate level, so that, they get a professional high-end management certification, which equips them to progress in their job opportunities and career. We look forward to organizing this training for people who would benefit using lean six sigma i.e. those in the service sector. Even MBA students & graduates planning to join any service sector, can get trained and bring benefits to organisation on implementing lean six sigma projects.

About the program
ONLINE “Six Sigma Lean Green belt” certification program for beginners in quality.

Many top organisations providing services have embraced ‘six sigma’ as the process improvement methodology for improving customer satisfaction, reduction in costs and improving profitability. After its extraordinary implementation successes at Motorola,GE (General Electric),Toyota – even top manufacturing & software organisations worldwide & in India have Lean six sigma projects being done. But it remains a specialised course – taught only to senior/middle management personnel, even though application of quality is at the grassroots level. Many people are not even aware of six sigma, even though it is the latest trend in quality and has been around for many years internationally. Imagine a scenario, where issues are solved methodically at the grassroots level, & do not become critical enough for escalation with delays to higher level management !!!. This is possible, when grassroots level people, who  actually handle/face issues, are enabled/trained to solve them methodically - on the lines of successes using Kaizen/5s. While Kaizen/5s are elementary, many issues require more effective methods/tools like lean six sigma deployment at grassroots level. Six sigma is covered very briefly under ‘Total Quality Management’, which is an elective in MBA courses. Additionally, lean techniques have been coupled with six sigma and gained recognition and successes world-wide. This program is an attempt to introduce Lean six sigma to a beginner at an affordable cost.

We have noticed that, the basic induction training provided by organisations about six sigma, is too short & brief to practically implement six sigma projects; while the next level of training (Green Belt) is too statistical and advanced to be understood easily & has a big learning curve. As a result, beginners do not understand the concepts, and may not know, how to apply the theory into practice quickly, without hand-holding. Our “Six Sigma Lean Green belt” certification program for beginners will cover the basic relevant concepts adequately for a beginner, and follow it up with walk through of actual lean six sigma projects case studies. 

About our faculty
Our experienced faculty is a “Master Black Belt (MBB)” in six sigma – the highest qualification.
He has over 25 years experience in IT industry with both domestic and international exposure. He has trained and mentored over 200 six sigma projects in multi-national organisations like Pfizer, Cognizant etc. at their international offshore centers. He has successfully implemented this training at Pfizer in 2008-09. After this training, the beginner trainees were able to complete  lean six sigma projects independently, and present it to their management, bringing about an annual saving of $1.5 million at Pfizer center during 2008-09.

Course objective
On completing this certification training, you will have skills in applying Lean Six sigma in your day-to-day work at your organisation, as well as, make personal improvements effective, using lean six sigma thinking. If you are a fresh graduate, you stand a better chance in landing a job because of this international-standard certification. You can be successful in rising up in your career quickly too, through rewards & recognition, on success.

Why us? Advantages highlights
1. International standard training & certification in lean six sigma for beginners

2. Learn online at-your-pace, at-your-convenience, anywhere, anytime through internet

3. Track record of successfully certified participants implementing lean six sigma projects in industry

4. Economically priced

5. Attractive income opportunity through our referral scheme.

6. Our experienced faculty, “Master Black Belt” in six sigma – can assist you through consulting services.

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