Testimonial from an international  beginner, who completed Six sigma Lean Green Belt certification successfully & changed his career for better prospects.......
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Mr. Peter Allwright's feedback.....
I would like to provide feedback on your lean six sigma green belt course:
· The course was concise and focused on key concepts of lean and six sigma;
· The course excluded superfluous and little-used methods, tools and concepts (focused on what was important);
· The structure of the course and the screens was good; highlighting what was important and what needed to be known (in the blue areas);
· The important and relevant methods, tools and concepts were explained and demonstrated;
· The course slides were populated with important information only;
· The case studies were good to see a real life situation; and
· The applicability of lean six sigma was well-shown and demonstrated in the case studies.

I am therefore very happy and satisfied.

The notes were comprehensive.
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